Vision, Goals, & KPIs

Create a Guiding Vision for Your Sustainability Efforts

Consumers, investors, and regulators are looking to the business community to lead on ESG. For businesses, the journey to sustainability leadership starts with a guiding vision.

With so many pressing sustainability issues today, it can be challenging to determine where to prioritize your efforts. Yet without taking time to formalize your vision and the metrics you’ll use to track progress, you risk falling short on impact and missing the mark with your stakeholders.

Our team can help you achieve alignment across your organization and create a meaningful north star for your ESG efforts, with the right metrics to measure success along the way. You’ll walk away with a concrete vision that complements your overall business strategy and enables you to develop initiatives that positively impact the bottom line.

With SBC’s Vision, Goals, & KPIs Services, you can:
  • Determine what ESG issues are most relevant for your business
  • Create a roadmap for your ESG journey
  • Engage and unify employees across various departments
  • Create actionable short and long terms goals to meet your vision
  • Inspire new ideas and spur innovation within your organization
  • Establish sustainability KPIs that align with your business needs
  • Implement a robust ESG program that lays the foundation for long-term success

“We’ve worked with SBC for a number of years, on a variety of projects including helping us establish sustainability KPIs, strengthening our carbon foot printing process, and creating strategy and business value for one of our business divisions. SBC has always delivered excellent work while being responsive, great partners, and best of all, fun.”

– Kirk Meyers, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, REI

How It Works

We’ll guide you through conversations with key leaders across your organization to determine where you are today and what success looks like in the future. Here’s how that might play out in practice:


Where does your business want to be? Your vision could be aspirational (an industry leader on climate) or grounded (net-zero by 2040).


To ensure you achieve your vision, you need goals that are SMART. For instance, reducing absolute emissions by 30% by 2025.


What metrics will you track year over year to benchmark progress? Examples include GHG emissions, supplier ESG scores, and more.

Featured Case Study

Vision and Goal Setting

Learn how SBC helped a major retailer create and embed the right sustainability goals, metrics, and KPIs into its monthly executive decision-making processes, and how those efforts normalized green business habits across the organization.

Read the case study here.

Let’s work together.

We start every project with a simple conversation, getting to know you and your business needs. Then we create a customized work plan to bring your sustainability needs and vision to reality.

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