Supplier Engagement Strategy

Engage & Empower Your Suppliers to Increase Resiliency

Businesses are increasingly being held accountable for not only their actions but also those in their supply chain. To shield your business from financial and reputational risk and meet your ESG goals, you need to understand what your suppliers are doing on sustainability.

Yet engaging your suppliers to evaluate risk and improve sustainability performance is easier said than done. Today’s multi-tier supply chains are complex, and supplier engagement is not a one size fits all approach.

Our team can support you no matter where you are in the supplier engagement journey, from creating your first supplier code of conduct to incentivizing improvement. We’ll help you build a supplier engagement strategy that aligns with your unique sustainability goals, demonstrates transparency to your stakeholders, and increases long-term resilience.

With SBC’s Supplier Engagement Services, you can:
  • Open a line of communication with your suppliers that allows you to gather information down to the source
  • Gain a baseline understanding of where your suppliers are on ESG
  • Determine what barriers your suppliers face in meeting your sustainability criteria
  • Create incentives to bring your suppliers along on your ESG journey
  • Integrate supplier sustainability criteria into your procurement processes

Did You Know?

Between 80-90% of your sustainability impact, from greenhouse gas emissions to fair labor issues, occurs in your multi-tier supply chain.

The Supplier Engagement Journey

Your suppliers are a crucial part of your sustainability story. To build lasting supplier relationships that enable you to meet your sustainability goals, we’ll guide you through the following steps:

Baseline Performance

Conduct a sustainability assessment to determine what policies and practices your suppliers have in place and identify hotspots.

Uncover Barriers

Understand what hurdles your suppliers experience on sustainability, from lack of expertise to limited financial resources.

Build Capacity

Provide your suppliers with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to improve their sustainability performance.

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