ESG Strategy & Implementation

Build an ESG Program Tailored To Your Business

As companies embark on their ESG journeys, many are struggling to bridge the gap from aspiration to implementation. To have a lasting impact, you must build an ESG program that can be seamlessly and fully integrated into your daily operations.

That’s where we come in. Our team can partner with you to get your ESG initiatives off the ground, whether you have a specific objective or are trying to create something from scratch.

We’ll help you build an ESG program that aligns with your overarching business, growth, and profitability goals, improves your ESG performance year-over-year, and lays the foundation for long-term success. You’ll walk away with an implementation plan that is actionable and grounded in reality, with the right accountability structures and resource needs identified.

With SBC’s ESG Strategy & Implementation Services, you can:
  • Purposefully engage with your customers, investors, employees, and value chain
  • Develop the internal business case for short-term action and long-term commitment
  • Create a strategic roadmap that outlines what your ESG program will take in terms of time, resources, and budget
  • Set up the right governance and accountability structures to ensure success
  • Integrate ESG into your standard operating procedures, procurement policies, and HR practices

"SBC was instrumental in getting our ESG program off the ground and have truly remained a trusted partner over the years. Their team has helped us understand how to put our commitment to responsible business and sustainability into action.”

– Valerie Colgrove, SVP & Chief Financial Officer, AAA Oregon

How It Works

Developing an ESG program can feel like a daunting task. To ensure you create a meaningful program that won’t just sit on the shelf, we’ll walk you through the following steps:

Engage Stakeholders

Identify the right stakeholders to bring to the table and gather ideas to uncover what issues are most material to your business.

Prioritize Actions

Prioritize actions that lay the foundation for your long-term ESG strategy while simultaneously realizing short-term wins.

Create Implementation Plan

Create a detailed implementation plan that spells out the policies and procedures needed to reach your long-term vision.

Featured Case Study

Strategic Implementation Plan

Learn how SBC helped a major maritime facility create a decision-making framework to support its sustainability goals and GHG reduction targets, and how those efforts enhanced the company’s brand position.

Read the case study here.

Let’s work together.

We start every project with a simple conversation, getting to know you and your business needs. Then we create a customized work plan to bring your sustainability needs and vision to reality.

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