Actionable Strategies to Reduce GHG Emissions

February 2023

Despite ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainty, momentum around corporate climate action is at an all-time high. Nearly all senior executives now expect climate change to impact their operations and strategy in the coming years.  

Whether driven by investor pressure or desire to reduce risk, this momentum is much needed. The latest climate science tells us that GHG emissions need to fall, and fast. To limit warming to 1.5°C, emissions must halve by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. That means the window for action is shrinking, and although climate policy is finally starting to get up to speed, it’s up to businesses to lead the charge.   

Yet when it comes to corporate climate action, bridging the say-do gap can be a serious challenge. It’s one thing to commit to net zero by 2050. But it’s another thing entirely to map out and execute a decarbonization plan. If you’re wondering how to support long-term commitments with near-term strategies, you’re not alone.  

Download our Actionable Strategies to Reduce GHG Emissions guide to learn:
  • The most actionable strategies to reduce your GHG emissions impact, broken down by Scope  
  • Relative GHG reduction potential, ease of implementation, time horizon, and cost for each strategy 
  • How various strategies compare when ranked on reduction potential versus cost versus time 
  • Industry considerations to keep in mind  
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