Supplier Sustainability Reporting

Share Your Sustainability Story With Your Customers

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and other major retailers are recognizing that their suppliers are a key component of their sustainability stories. As such, they want to know how you are performing on today’s biggest ESG issues, from fair labor to GHG emissions.

However, with no industry standardization on supplier sustainability reporting, suppliers are being inundated with assessment requests. These questionnaires are costly and time consuming, and often require highly granular data for adequate response. To stand out to your customers and meet increasingly stringent sourcing standards, you need a strategic, thoughtful approach.

Our team can help you comprehensively respond to supplier requests from THESIS, Gigaton, and more. We’ll work with you to not only address your sustainability hotspots but also build your capacity to respond without external support in the future.

With SBC’s Supplier Reporting Services, you can:
  • AStandardize your assessment response to reduce survey fatigue
  • Engage your suppliers on ESG and amplify your own supply chain sustainability efforts
  • Show your customers that sustainability is a top priority for your business
  • Identify actionable pathways for improving your score

“When I want to push forward on strategy, I engage the Sustainable Business Consulting (SBC) team. SBC works in partnership with their customers to discover strategic opportunities, providing tools and learning that achieves results.”

– Valerie Bone, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Pacific Market International

Did You Know?

We Are a TSC Service Provider

Our staff is trained on THESIS and ready to help you meet your goals—on average, companies using TSC Trained Service Providers score 34% higher on their THESIS assessments.

CDP Reporting on the Rise

Instead of using in-house supplier questionnaires, companies like Microsoft and Target are asking their suppliers to report to CDP, encouraging greater industry standardization.

THESIS Suppliers Improve YoY

THESIS allows brands and manufacturers to understand the sustainability of their products and identify ways to improve. In fact, suppliers’ scores have increased by 38% since 2016.

Featured Case Study

Supplier Questionnaires

Learn how SBC helped a global beverage container manufacturer boost its THESIS and CDP scores, and how those efforts helped satisfy Walmart and Target’s increasing expectations on supplier sustainability.

Read the case study here.

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