Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Measure and Manage Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Today’s businesses are expected to take meaningful action on climate change, but any successful initiative starts with a baseline. Measuring your GHG emissions footprint is a critical step to mitigating your climate impact and meeting the ever-increasing demands of consumers, investors, and regulators alike.

Our team has conducted verifiable GHG inventories across a wide variety of industries, from financial services to retail. Using a tailored approach and our own proprietary tool for calculating emissions, we’ll help you get real, quantitative data on your company’s GHG emissions impact and uncover opportunities for reduction.

With SBC’s GHG Inventory Services, you can:
  • Set actionable emissions reductions goals and targets
  • Drive strategic decisions and create carbon reduction programs
  • Confidently respond to ESG reporting initiatives such as CDP and TCFD
  • Quantify your impact in your own operations and in your supply chain
  • Use insights to chart a path towards carbon neutrality
  • Identify and address operational hotspots, leading to energy and financial savings

“We’ve worked with SBC for a number of years, on a variety of projects including helping us establish sustainability KPIs, strengthening our carbon foot printing process, and creating strategy and business value for one of our business divisions. SBC has always delivered excellent work while being responsive, great partners, and best of all, fun.”

– Kirk Meyers, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, REI

Scopes 1, 2, and 3 Explained

Did you know that 80-90% of your greenhouse gas emissions are found outside your own four walls? At SBC, we follow methodology developed by WRI’s industry leading GHG Protocol, which categorizes emissions into three “scopes.”

Scope 1

Emissions from sources you own or operate, such as buildings and fleet vehicles

Scope 2

Emissions from energy you purchase to operate, such as electricity

Scope 3

Emissions from activities you don’t directly own, such as business travel and supply chain

Featured Case Study

Scope 3 Emissions Assessment

Learn how SBC helped a Fortune 500 automobile retailer understand its Scope 3 emissions impact, and how those insights were used to drive positive change within the organization.

Read the case study here.

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