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Our team creates solutions that address the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues by transforming the way businesses operate.

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Kevin Wilhelm,<br>CEO
Kevin Wilhelm,

Kevin is the one of the world’s preeminent business consultants in the field of ESG and climate change. He brings over two decades of experience working with 220+ businesses ranging from Fortune 100 multinationals to cities, counties, and federal agencies.

Outside of his work, Kevin is an avid sports fan and traveler. He is conversant in Spanish and leads the largest Adoption Family Camp in the country as their volunteer President.

Katie Secrist,<br>Vice President
Katie Secrist,
Vice President

Katie delivers practical ESG solutions for our clients and partners and contributes to the overall direction of the company. She has particular expertise in ESG reporting, from data collection to developing meaningful disclosures that improve performance.

Outside of work, Katie can be found meddling in amateur woodworking, embarking on small home renovation projects, or enjoying precious time with a growing family.

Ruth Lee
Ruth Lee, Senior Vice President

Ruth has over fifteen years of experience helping clients design and conduct strategy and stakeholder engagement facilitations to assess materiality, determine potential barriers, and create strategies, goals, and metrics to address gaps and achieve success.

Outside of work, you can usually find Ruth trying new recipes, traveling, painting watercolor pet portraits, and tuning into her secret unsustainable hobby, Formula 1.

Purnima Subramanian
Purnima Subramanian, Sustainability Consultant

Purnima has over 6 years of experience in corporate sustainability and 8 years of experience in evaluating GHG Inventories. A keen problem solver, she uses her curiosity to dive deep into ESG data and metrics to inform organizational strategy and governance.

Outside of work, you will find Purnima singing to her baby every chance she gets or trying several recipes that remind her of her hometown, Chennai.

Courtney Blann
Courtney Blann, Climate Consultant

Courtney is an “ideas” person who loves forming strategic and innovative solutions to complex problems. She has 15+ years of experience supporting both public and private sector clients on a range of environmental sustainability issues.

When not actively working to fix the world’s climate problem, Courtney enjoys paddle boarding, golfing and hiking with her dog, Miss Pickles, in the Colorado mountains.

Bri Decker
Bri Decker, Sustainability Consultant

Bri is an expert in creating high-impact projects from the ground up, implementing ideas into action, and communicating progress along the way. She is invested in using capitalism as a force for good and holds indigenous-rights issues close to her heart.

When she’s not trying to be super woman, Bri enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, making art, and swimming in the frigid alpine lakes of Colorado.

Ke Yang
Ke Yang, Senior Sustainability Consultant

An expert in data analysis and sustainability strategy, Ke helps companies measure and manage their climate impact, develop robust climate strategy, engage with key stakeholders, and strengthen their ESG reporting.

Outside of work, Ke enjoys playing tennis with her partner, watching Anime, shopping for home décor, traveling, and discovering new cuisines.

Jessica Ginger
Jessica Ginger, Sustainability Consultant

With 15+ years of experience, Jessica is well-versed in helping businesses prioritize their ESG impacts. She is especially passionate about helping clients integrate sustainable practices into their business model and has supported partners across 30+ countries.

When not helping companies find their business case to “do better,” you'll find Jessica mountain biking or working on her Italian, Romanian, and Spanish language skills. 

Minahil Choudry
Minahil Choudry, ESG Reporting Specialist

With over 5 years of experience in the sustainability space, Minahil excels at helping businesses communicate their ESG efforts and develop meaningful disclosures. She is especially well versed on TCFD, SASB, ISS, EcoVadis, and GRI.

When she is not helping companies to disclose material ESG information, Minahil loves to play with her dog, golf, hike, and tell everyone about her status as a CrossFit newbie.

Audrey Kriva
Audrey Kriva, Climate and Circularity Analyst​

In addition to supporting rigorous climate analyses, Audrey helps companies develop comprehensive ESG programs, identify actions to reduce their environmental impacts, and meaningfully benchmark progress. She is also SBC’s resident circular economy guru.

Outside of work, she loves playing board games, experimenting with new veggie recipes, collecting red cherry shrimp, and taking long Seattle walks with a great podcast.

Sonya Bengali
Sonya Bengali, Marketing Manager​

Sonya brings multiple years of experience in corporate sustainability communications. An expert in managing multi-channel campaigns, she has proven track record of creating top-notch sustainability content and ensuring brands are well recognized and respected.

Outside of work, Sonya is an avid equestrian. She is also a music festival fanatic and enjoys working in the harm reduction and health & safety space at major events.

Ashley Mack
Ashley Mack, ESG Reporting Specialist​

Ashley specializes in building sustainability programs with a focus on ESG reporting and external communications and excels at helping companies tell their sustainability stories through best-in-class reporting practices.

Outside of work, Ashley enjoys hiking mountains in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, traveling to new places, and searching for new Ethiopian restaurants to try.

Tristan Smit
Tristan Smit, Sustainability Consultant

With a diverse background in climate change and natural resource science, Tristan specializes in leveraging data and people to enable robust and successful environmental management and equitable climate mitigation and adaptation planning.

When Tristan isn’t geeking out over greenhouse gas data, he can be found exploring Seattle for the best bread with his partner and their dog, River.

Arcadia Lee
Arcadia Lee, Climate Consultant

Arcadia is an energy and sustainability expert with 5+ years of experience working with private, public, and non-profit organizations to advance climate goals. She is especially passionate about equitable clean energy access and building sector decarbonization.

When Arcadia isn’t helping clients develop meaningful climate strategies or digging into the latest clean energy policies, you’ll find her split boarding in the Appalachian Mountains.

Holly Bridwell
Holly Bridwell, Climate Consultant

Holly has 3+ years of experience in the ESG and sustainability space and specializes in providing data and strategies that allow companies to meet their ESG goals. She thrives working on projects where she can help clients advance their climate programs.

When she isn’t diving into new ESG resources, Holly is a huge sports fan. She can’t wait to visit SBC headquarters in Seattle and check out a Seahawks game in person.

Xury Deputy
Xury Deputy, Sustainability Analyst

Xury is an expert in data analytics and presentation—she helps clients understand the meaning behind their carbon footprint by assessing their GHG inventories and developing meaningful strategies to enable them to achieve their carbon reduction goals.

When not at work, Xury aspires to be an amateur glassblower. She enjoys the beauty of the PNW but also loves staying in with a good board game and cuddles from her cat.


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