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Seamlessly Navigate the CDP Reporting Process

CDP is becoming the gold standard for corporate environmental disclosure. Fully aligned with the Science-Based Targets Initiative and TCFD recommendations, CDP is mainstreaming transparency by encouraging companies to measure and manage their climate impact.

As CDP’s standards continue to evolve, businesses are being asked for more and more detail on their environmental sustainability efforts. Preparing your response and gathering the right data to meet these increasing disclosure requirements can be costly and time consuming.

Partnering with CDP as an Accredited Solutions Provider, our team has assisted dozens of clients year over year with their environmental disclosure. We will support you from start to finish, helping you accurately and efficiently strategize your response and uncover ways to improve your score over time.

With SBC’s CDP Reporting Services, you can:
  • Streamline your annual CDP reporting process
  • Identify gaps in your current ESG or climate action plan
  • Create a roadmap to boost your grade on CDP’s D-A scoring system
  • Demonstrate climate leadership to your customers, employees, investors, and other key stakeholders
  • Use CDP’s methodology to manage improvement and performance around climate action
  • See where you stand against your peers
  • Align your efforts with other ESG reporting frameworks

Sell to a Large Retail Customer?

Industry giants and retailers like Target and Microsoft are beginning to use the CDP Supply Chain Questionnaire as a way to engage their suppliers and manage value chain emissions.

Did You Know?

CDP disclosure has skyrocketed over the past few years—a record-breaking 13,000+ companies reported to CDP last year, and this number is expected to be even greater in 2022. Here are a few ways disclosing companies are using CDP to drive business value:

Procurement Integration

95% of companies use environmental
metrics, including CDP data, in their
procurement processes.

Elevate Brand Value

74% of disclosing companies say reporting to CDP improves their corporate reputation, and 58% say it makes them more competitive.

Drive Financial Success

CDP Climate Change ‘A List’ companies outperform the STOXX Global Climate Change Leaders index by 5.3% a year.

Let’s work together.

We start every project with a simple conversation, getting to know you and your business needs. Then we create a customized work plan to bring your sustainability needs and vision to reality.

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