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How to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution in Your Workplace

By Jennifer Easterly

Air pollution is a significant issue in America, and it’s not just a problem outside. Indoor air quality has been linked with 30,000 deaths and reduced life expectancy, according to an Imperial College London study, but is often overlooked in the workplace. Here’s how to tackle indoor air pollution at work through a few simple changes.

Water as a natural purifier

Water is one of the naturally occurring air purifiers in nature. Running water and electrolytes can help to freshen air and pull organic air pollutants. Some even believe it can introduce positive energy into a workspace, something any stressful environment can benefit from. Whether through simple water-based filters or more elaborate and design-oriented fountains, water can provide inspiration in the office and help tackle air pollution while providing a fresh ambiance to the office.

The role of plants

Plants introduce some much-needed greenery and nature into what is usually a professional, sanitized space. Plants also contribute soil microorganisms that can help to decontaminate and purify an office. However, picking the right plant is important. Air-scrubbing plants include the devil’s ivy, dwarf date palm, philodendron, and peace lily. Plants can also provide a team-building activity, as you will all need to pitch in to nurture and maintain their health. Check out our DIY guide on how to create a plant wall in your office for more information!

Turning to technology

Water and plants can help the situation and can offer a morale boost to staff. However, air-purifying kits are usually your best bet for a clear change in your office’s air quality. For under $1,000 you can supply your office with smart tech air filters that require little specialist upkeep. Especially for bigger businesses, it is well worth the investment to keep the workplace breathable and ensure a healthy environment for employees.

Although you might think of the outdoors when it comes to air pollution, indoor air pollution in your home and workplace can have invisible but deadly pollutants, too. Making your office a green, breathable space can improve wellbeing, productivity, and employee satisfaction.