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7 Good Environmental News Stories from 2019

It’s hard to believe 2019 is almost over, and with it, the end of a decade. 2019 was a whirlwind, but at Sustainable Business Consulting, we celebrate positive environmental stories and want to share good news around sustainability and the environment. Looking back on the year, here are our favorite good environmental news stories in 2019.

Youth Climate Change Uprising  

As climate change has risen in mainstream awareness, youth have found their voice as climate activists and environmental advocates.

Businesses Take a Stand

Despite political regressions, 2019 was marked by grassroots uprisings, local involvement, and business action.

Global Restrictions on Plastics

Europe is leading the way in environmental protection, and a growing wave to reduce single-use plastic has gained steam.

Sustainable Finance Gets a Boost   

Sustainable finance has grown considerably just in the past year.

Gender Equality Makes Strides  

Gender equality has taken center stage around the world, with advancements across diversity, inclusion, education, and government.

Renewable Energy Electrifies the World

Renewable energy made major advancements internationally.

Climate Change Reaches Across the Aisle

We’re increasingly seeing climate change and sustainability becoming a topic that helps reach across the aisle.

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